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Fresca y cítrica, sobre la tienda bastante buenos precios y variedad de perfumes

Great service!

Out of stock item replaced with ease! Great prices also!

A bit different blue scent

This one is really good. Reminds me of something between Sauvage and D&G K (but in an elegant, polite fashion). Starts with a soft pineapple note (I sometimes do smell it, sometimes I do not) and goes into juniper berry plus ambroxany-aromatic drydown. Long lasting but not too loud.

Amazing Perfumes

Everything came and everything were in perfect shape

rekomenduoju kam patinka cinamonas jis tikrai vertas demesio uzsisakiau net 2 buteliukus

The best dupe of Dama Bianca

Smell so good

Lattafa Haya perfumed water unisex 100ml


Highly recommend

FW Vie Eau perfumed water for men 80ml


1:1 как Xerjoff Erba.
Любовь с первого взгляда. Стойкость невероятная.!

Paris Corner Eternal Coffee perfumed water unisex 85ml
Coffee&Milk explosion

If you want to smell like milk&coffee and creamy coconut tres caramel cake … This is it! Exceeded my expectations. Absolutely delicious fragrance. The caramel coffee aroma is potent (and wonderfully intoxicating) at first, then transforms into a smooth creamy musky essence of coconut tonka bean after a while. One of my favorite fragrances!


Nuostabus kvepalai!

An embrace of citrus and flowers

Voux Violette’s head notes immediately burst alive with the freshness of citrus and floral notes, leaving you in a loving embrace of warm oriental undertones

With this Ishq Al Shuyukh , I had difficulties at first. Saffron, leather... didn't seduce me.
But I knew the smell would change, so I waited. When the initial impression wears off, he becomes different. Caramel and fine leather I start to understand. Tonka softens this. learn to like it, like Gin :), we totally fell in love with the fragrance. It becomes clean and elegant vanilla.
I like it more and more

Just love

Great perfum inspired from Amouage Interlude, just love it.
If you like incense and agarwood this could be your perfect choice with a very long performance too

Nice perfume

Khamrah is the best lattafa fragrances. Smell like apple pie. I like it.

Lattafa Masa

Flakon piękny. Po prostu dzieło sztuki. Zapach złożony i wibrujący. Bardzo trwały. Dla wielbicieli oryginalnych perfum z mineralną nutą. Czuć w nich klasę.

The fírst time 😁

The package arrived to me very well, in a decent time, since the order.
The product is very good and i liked it, and it was in a decent price as well.
So i give 4 stars, cause i never give 5 on the first time. 😉
Thank you

Nice perfume

It's a lovely perfume. The top black pepper note dissappears instantly and from then on it's basically Tonka by Reminiscence. It is also a distant cousin to Charuto Tobacco Vanille (sans the incense and clove notes) and a thinner version of the OG Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.

Good service

Well packed and the scents are according expectations. Happy with this purchase.

Love the selection of brands and bottles, will return!

Explosion of fruits and vanilla

Nebras is a lovely sweet long lasting vanilla fragrance.

A delicious and enveloping fragrance, it opens with an explosion of red fruits and then reveals a soft heart of white chocolate and vanilla, with amber and musk
Bottle feels very solid and high-quality ⋅ Heart and dry down are very pleasant ⋅

Boa aposta

Perfume amadeirado, quente e de muita elegância, parabéns pela finalização, sem demora na entrega, o tempo aceitavel, suficiente e sem complicações 👏👏👌

Similar to Creed, Aventus

I only recommend Imperium who doesn't have creed or clones cause Imperium is Creed without pineapple and with more spices and exotic flowers.
So delicious....