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"Royals Perfume" invites you to an extraordinary kingdom of scents that will add charm to your personality and serve as an elegant fragrance trail into the world of luxury and sophistication. As the sole distributors of Arabian perfumes throughout Europe, we are proud to offer a wide range of exclusive fragrances from Fragrance World, "Lattafa" and "Lion Francesco" from the United Arab Emirates. In addition to famous Arabian perfume brands such as "Fragrance World" and "Lattafa, our range also includes many other exciting brands such as "Riiffs parfums", "Rovena", "Alambra perfumes", "Paris Corner" and others. Our Arabian perfumes offer a touch of luxury, giving every customer an affordable price.

Pheromone perfumes, oil perfumes, niche perfumes - a myriad of different fragrances reflecting mood, personality and style - from the bright, subtle to the exotic or the classic. Whether you're looking for a daily scent, a special fragrance, or a gift for a loved one, "Royals Perfume" provides the opportunity to discover something that will bring joy and become a part of everyday life.

"Royals Perfume" is a premium Arabian perfume that will enchant even the most discerning. It is made to the strictest standards using the finest ingredients, to ensure a long-lasting fragrance and a flawless feel. Equally important is that the counterparts of these perfumes from our manufacturers do not lag behind the original fragrances, and the perfume compositions are meticulously crafted to harmonize scent notes purposefully. Our offered perfume counterparts stand out not only for their impeccable quality and long-lasting fragrance but also for their stylish bottle designs, reflecting luxury and sophistication. 

The assortment of Arabian perfumes from "Royals Perfume" is meticulously curated, paying attention to even the slightest details, so that we can meet the expectations of every individual by offering scents that reflect your uniqueness and authentic personality. Perfumes for women will help to reveal elegance, with warm, sensual fragrance notes, giving you confidence. Mens perfume is more than just a scent, it's a choice to reveal your inner strength and strong personality. Unisex perfume offer a symphony of scents, is designed to help you express yourself even more, with fragrance notes that perfecttly suit both elegant women and refined men. 

The Arabian perfumes we offer are of the highest quality to create impeccable value for all "Royals Perfume" customers.

To help you discover the most suitable fragrance notes, "Royals Perfume" classifies fragrances into different categories and sub-categories based on individual needs and expectations. Perfumes for women, as well as perfumes for men, offer a choice from such subcategories as: luxury perfumes, niche perfumes, long-lasting perfumes, oil-based perfumes, pheromone perfumes, unisex perfumes, and others... If you're unsure which subcategory of perfume types is most suitable for you, here are a few differences that will help you decide. Niche perfumes are for those seeking exceptional, non-traditional scent diversity, characterized by only the highest quality ingredients. It's an excellent way to emphasize your personal identity in the world of scents. Oil perfumes are concentrated fragrance elixirs made with an oil base. Advantages of oil-based perfumes include: longer-lasting scents than traditional perfumes, more intense and vibrant fragrance, and more natural ingredients, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin. Another rapidly growing category of perfumes is pheromone perfumes, an intriguing type of perfume where the usual aroma blends with the magic of mysterious pheromones. These perfumes provide the opportunity to subtly express attractiveness and highlight the unique radiance of personality.

For over two decades, Royals Perfume has been delighted to offer a wide range of Arabian perfumes and share this unique experience with our customers. Our years of experience and passion for the world of scents enable us to ensure a reliable and efficient shopping process. Our team is always ready to answer any questions, providing the highest level of professional advice!



Love this perfume shop! Their fast shipping and hassle-free returns make shopping here a breeze.


This perfume shop is my go-to for all my fragrance needs. Fast shipping hassle-free returns, and excellent customer service make shopping here a pleasure.


The quality of the fragrances at this perfume shop is simply unmatched. I'm always impressed with the scents I receive.


Big selection of perfumes to choose from, with something for everyone. The quality of the fragrances is top-notch and the prices are very reasonable.

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